irdial numb (shortwave shuffle mix) by m42

Get out and do the shortwave shuffle to this fresh new track by m42

It's 99% original samples of shortwave numbers stations. Everything you hear is top secret except a kick and a rim.

If you crack the code and get some sort of message please let us know!

Apparition Device

New track by m42 

This track startet out as an experiment with sounds recorded in the forest. But somehow it turned out like this. A nostalgic look back at a common childhood memory of being carried to bed.

In a way it's a sonic still life about all the things we eventually leave behind.

Above the electric sea (navy strength mix)

New track by m42 

Stepping organ, harmonica, seagulls, seals and sand are just some of the sounds used in this track. 

Gravitational Waves (lightyears away mix)

New track by m42

Made from gritty samples of gravitational waves and other sounds recorded from probes in outer space, this track contains the sound of the most violent event ever recorded in our univers

So this is about space...

A flat circle by m42

This track was made almost exclusively out of a sampled grandfather clock in real time. This clock was a part of the artists childhood keeping track while groving up, regardless of life and death, sickness and healt. A constant soundtrack to a life. 

So this is about time...

Mere Ghita (feat. m42) af Den Offentlige Sektor

Den Offentlige Sektor bringer hermed en velfortjent opsang fra hele Danmarks Ghita.